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Perri Jones is a 21-year-old American singer/songwriter, actress and model, born in New York City and raised in Houston, TX. Known for her soulful mix of R&B and Pop sound, Perri showed interest in music young, joining her school ensemble at the age of 8, playing the xylophone, drums, recorder and piano. In 2008, at the age of 11, she ventured into public speaking, receiving 1st place in the national Martin Luther King Oratorical Competition. Representing Houston as one of the top young speakers in the country, she traveled nationally reciting her original speech. It was during this time that Perri discovered her true passion for public performance and music, and has been training and developing her own sound and style ever since. Perri recently returned to New York to pursue her career as an artist and build her catalog. In 2018, she released “Free”, a single that has gained the attention of millions and continues to grow. Perri has been inspired and moved by the response she has received, noting that fans have shared that “Free” has inspired them to adopt a sense of self-love. Others have shared that the song has played a therapeutic role, going as far as to say that “Free” has saved their lives. In this composition, the young songstress sings, ”I don’t need validation to tell me who I am”. Going on to sing, “I’m free, I’m human but I’m comfortable with me.” “Free” has been referred to as an anthem of truth and happiness. Last summer, Perri was featured on the song “Gravy”, with iconic battle rapper and hip-hop artist, Loaded Lux. The song received massive attention throughout New York City, Atlanta and Chicago. Blending old school hip hop with her southern soulful spin, “Gravy” has become a D.J. favorite. Her latest piece of work, “U.G.L.Y.”, released in May of 2019, accumulated 300,000 streams on Spotify within the first week. “U.G.L.Y.” is an expression of Perri’s perception of her own evolution. Coming into herself, she has stated that this project is an honest reflection of the times we live in. Perri’s goals are to continue to grow as an artist and a business woman, remaining a true student of life as she continues to work forward.